Clear Ultra Medical Adhesive

Clear Ultra Medical Adhesive



Product Details

A CLEAR superior premium performance, latex free and dye free quality adhesive that has the industrial strength and offer flexibility. High resistance against heated and water exposure.

Note: Client's eyes must be closed throughout the entire procedure, plus an additional fifteen minutes after procedure facing a fan. *For licensed professionals only*

Price: $45 each - 2 For $75

Drying Time 1~2 seconds, will cling onto natural lashes instantly upon contact
Bonding Power 4~8 weeks with proper technique and client care
How To Store Place the adhesive in refrigerator  of 55~60 degrees. Take out 1 hour before procedure at room temperature
Shelf Life  Unopen ~ 6 months
Opened - 2~3 months
Size/Color 10ml/Clear

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