Lash Lift Glue Balm

Lash Lift Glue Balm



Product Details

The latest in lash lifting glue is now here! 

Quick setting glue that does not dry out.  Does not dry out! So you can set lashes in place quickly on your lash pad but still have the luxury of working and placing lashes where you want them.

No mess, easily removable our lash glue balm will help stick lashes to lash pads but also do not leave any sticky residue when removed.  Water soluble for quick easy removal.

Directions for use: 

Apply lash glue balm to lashes, and lash pad with a microfiber brush.  Brush lashes in an upward direction using a microfiber brush. 
The glue balm should stay for 20 seconds after brushing the eyelashes and setting them on the silicone pad, and then perming them after the colloid is dry, so the eyelashes will not fall off.