Ultra Medical Adhesive (Blue Cap)

Ultra Medical Adhesive (Blue Cap)



Product Details

The best medical grade, latex free adhesive that dries and bond instantly. Superior premium performance quality adhesive that has the industrial strength and offer flexibility. High resistance against heat and water exposure.

Note: Client's eyes must be closed throughout entire procedure, plus an additional fifteen minutes after procedure having their lashes face a fan. *For licensed professionals only*

Drying Time 1~2 seconds, will cling onto natural lash naturally upon contact
Bonding Power 4~8 weeks with proper technique and client care
How To Store Place adhesive in a fridge of 55~60 degrees. Take out 1 hour before procedure at room temperature

Shelf Life Unopen - 6~9 months
Opened - 3~4 months
Size/Color 10ml/Black

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